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Should I list my home? Or sell to an investor?


What types homes can be traditionally listed? (Yes, we can list your home also!)
The home must be in good condition and met general safety items on inspection report with no major repairs needed, but some cosmetic issues are ok. If major issues or repairs are noted on inspection, buyer usually requests repairs for seller to do before closing. Most lenders will NOT lend on home with major repairs needed. This is why many investors buy these homes.

What needs to be done before listing? 
At minimum the home needs a good cleaning inside and out, yard landscaped and clutter removed. Some staging is advised for best marketing for photos. Any painting or carpet cleaning needed should  be done prior to photos. Homeowners need to start packing clutter and personal items away before marketing photos done. All repairs finished before photos and showings. This step can take 1 week to many months!

How long before you get your money? Traditional sales usually take minimum of 45 days. It depends how fast you can get the home ready, decluttered and staged (see above). Then, add time for photos and listing prepared (usually few days). Once listing is active, showings can take few days to weeks before you get an offer. Once you have an offer, generally a contract takes additional 30-60 days before closing and getting your money.

What else? You will have to keep home clean and presentable during showings. You will need to leave the home during showings, taking kids, removing pets or securing them.
Even after getting a contract, there will be inspections, appraisal and times where buyer can have access to your home. Moving and closing dates will be negotiated, but usually what the buyer and their lender needs determines this date.
You usually will need to be completely moved out before closing and receiving your money. You have to keep paying for expenses while home is for sale. Many deals will fall apart and not close for various reasons, wasting precious time.
Bottom line is listing on the MLS will get top dollar for your home, but it does have some issues and can take longer (assuming home in proper condition to list).This is the "price" you pay indirectly. Listing is not everyone's best route, which is why we give other options.

Advantages to selling to Hidden Jewel Homes: 
We can purchase quickly and quietly. 
We can give you as many options possible on your home to how you to sell to us.
No cleaning or any repairs needed. Will buy truly as-is!
You don't have to move everything out, just tell us what you are leaving behind.
No showings disrupting you or invading your privacy.
No neighbors knowing your business or seeing your personal possessions.
Fair offers, frustration free, no fees and fast cash. 
We give you the most options compared to other investors!

We will work with your schedule- closing quickly in a few days, or closing at your time chosen. We will help you by meeting your needs, as every home and seller is unique. If you are behind on payments, or in pre-foreclosure, selling quickly can help save your credit.
Have confidence that we will repair your home to it's "Hidden Jewel" and make it a safe, beautiful home for our community. Our motto is "Leaving people and places better than we found them."
Contact us 817-800-4111 and get your all your options to either list (Lisa is a licensed REALTOR), or we will buy as investor. We can go over your situation and various options so you can choose the best scenario for yourself and your house.