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What Is A Real Estate Virtual Assistant And How Can They Help My Business? Part 1



What Is A Real Estate Virtual Assistant And How Can They Help My Business?  Part 1

A real estate virtual assistant (REVA)provides assistance in administrative tasks such as paperwork, online marketing, data entry, phone calls, market research, pulling comps, website maintenance and management, etc., specifically trained for real estate professionals.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants work remotely from the comfort of their home or their own office space, working on task you assign to them.

There’s a lot of ads for virtual assistant services online these days, but it is best to remember that they come with many different skill sets and levels, but most of them will have no specific training to support real estate investors.

How Real Estate Virtual Assistants Can Help You?

The short answer is… almost anything that can be done online or with a phone, your REVA can help you with.

While it is true that the role of virtual assistants has grown from secretarial and general administrative services, there are now literally dozens of specializations VA’s advertise service for, market research, scheduling, logistics, legal research, data entry, bookkeeping, social media, internet marketing, web development and programming, web SEO, and much more. Read More...

Tasks To Outsource To Virtual Assistant


  • Tasks Wholesalers Can Outsource to Virtual Assistants

For many new investors, wholesaling real estate is often the first step for a new real estate investor to learn the trade and make some money.  When executed correctly as the middleman, wholesalers can make some quick cash without credit or personal financial risk.

That being said, as market presence builds and more deals sit on the table, some tasks that consume a lot of time pile up.  Outsource these tasks to best manage your time and return on investment.

Tasks To Outsource To Virtual Assistant

1. COMPS/Market Analysis

COMPS or commonly called comparable market analysis (CMA) is a critical piece of a wholesalers job/responsibility that has to be accomplished on every deal you are considering making an offer on.  When done correctly, pulling comps can take a fair amount of time to ensure your SOLD properties are a fair comparison to the home you are evaluating.  With ample training, this is a task that can be delegated to your Virtual Assistant (VA) and can free up your time to do other critical tasks in your business. Read More...