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Benefits of Joining Your Local REIA


Benefits of Joining Your Local REIA

REIA is an abbreviation for Real Estate Investing Association.  REIA groups or clubs as some are called is an invaluable tool to meet people from all walks of life who have an interest in real estate investing and to learn all about the REI business.  Members of REIA groups are like-minded groups of men and women “where deals and capital meet”.  Companies have been formed and deals have been made as a direct result of the relationships developed and information shared at REIA group events.  

Learn more about the benefits of joining your local REIA group through the Infographic below:

Education - Here's a list of topics you may see at your local REIA:

+ Getting Started

+ Foreclosures

+ Nothing Down Purchases

+ Flipping Properties

+ Refurbishing & Rehabbing

+ Lease/Options

+ Finding Bargain Properties

+ Writing Offers

+ Building profitable partnerships

+ Marketing to Find Motivated Sellers

+ Buying Discounted Notes & Mortgages

+ Mobile Homes & Mobile Home Parks

+ 1031 Exchanges & Other Tax Issues

+ Property Management

+ Using Self-Directed IRAs

+ Lawsuit Protection & Legal Issues

+ How to find the money for deals

+ Creative Financing

+ Commercial Lending & Properties

+ and a variety of others as well...

Networking -  In addition to the educational opportunities mentioned above is networking.  Networking is one of the biggest reasons for attending your local REIA meetings.  This is a team sport.  Regardless if you are brand new in the business or a seasoned investor having a solid Power-team, and a large buyers list is critical to getting deals done quickly and properly.  Attending REAI group meetings is the place to do that.

Resources & REI Tools -  Most REIA groups have a wealth of resources available to it’s Members.  If you are looking for specific websites, services etc., reach out to your local REIA group such as the West DFW REI Group Resources Page.

More Deals – Another BIG benefit to joining your local REIA Group is access to more deals.  You can never have too much access to deals.  Some REAI groups such as the West DFW REI Group offer a Property Listings page to help it’s members sell their deals faster by increasing visibility.

Sponsors/Vendors You Can Trust – If you are looking for various contractors and service providers you can trust joining your local REIA is a smart move.  Typically, REIA groups only allow the best in the business in their groups as Sponsors.  They want Sponsors that will take care of it’s Members.  I use my grandmother's rule.  If I sent my grandmother to one of our sponsors would I be comfortable and sleep at night doing so?  If the answer is no, they are not allowed to join the group as a sponsor.  To see a list of the West DFW REI Group Sponsors visit HERE.

Other Benefits – Each REIA group has it’s own set of benefits to it’s Members.  It’s almost like having their own personality.  Each one is different.  Some REIA groups include discounts when you become a Member as well as discounts for future classes, online access to educational material, online access to critical REI investing/ legal forms, coaching and mentoring, and some Memberships include free real estate investor website to help sell their deals faster.  Some groups have no or minimal benefits to their members.  Each group is different.  For a full list of benefits with the West DFW REI Group go HERE.

The collaborative spirit of REIA continues through breakfast meetings focused on topics that are timely, relevant, and provide potential opportunities for many of its members.  REIAs also hold several networking events in various locations to initiate, develop and enhance relationships amongst its members and guests.  Our goal is to build long-lasting business relationships in a social setting, not just to add you to a contact manager, email list or social media network.

If you value a real estate organization that focuses on the real estate investing business and places a high value on relationship building, with an end goal of enhancing and growing our businesses together, consider attending one of our monthly events and consider becoming a member where membership has it’s benefits.

To learn more about one of the best REIA groups in North Texas and all our benefits visit www.WestDFWREIGroup.com.

Come Network, Learn, & Do More Deals @ the West DFW REI Group.



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